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    Current Advances in Cell & Developmental Biology

    Current Advances in Cell & Developmental Biology is a monthly current literature searching service which is fast, comprehensive, economical and easy to use. It enables pure and applied scientists to keep abreast of the ever-increasing literature being published in their subject area, by providing a subject categorized listing of titles, authors, bibliographic details and authors' addresses. Titles are presented under appropriate subject headings with full cross references.

    Contents: Major subject areas covered include: Cell surface; Cell junctions and celladhesion; Endocytosis, phagocytosis, exocytosis; Secretion; Signal transduction mechanisms;Cytoplasmic membranes; Intracellular transport and polarity; Cell growth and division;Growth factors and inhibitors; Cellular senescence and death; Cytoskeleton; Cell motility;Extracellular matrix; Tumor cell biology; Differentiation; Culture studies; Gamete biology andfertilization; Development of tissues and organs; Determination, pattern formation andmorphogenesis; Regeneration; Developmental genetics; Molecular biology of development;Embryonic development; Post-embryonic development; Techniques.

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    • Imprint: ELSEVIER/CABS
    • ISSN: 0741-1626