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    Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing

    As of 2007, no longer published by Elsevier

    Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing demonstrates the impact of nursing on patients and clients and addresses the effects of interventions on patients' well-being. The journal is peer-reviewed and by publishing peer commentary offers an interesting forum for debate. This is further complemented by a lively correspondence section.

    Within the journal we publish:

    •Accounts of nursing practice developments
    •Accounts of work in progress
    •Audits of nursing care
    •Book reviews
    •Descriptive accounts and surveys
    •Literature reviews
    •Methodologic development
    •Pilot studies
    •Qualitative studies of the patient experience
    •Randomised controlled trials
    •Reports of scale and instrument development
    •Single case reports
    •Uncontrolled studies

    We are also very interested in publishing accounts of innovations in nursing practice, nursing development initiatives and audits of nursing care.

    The main criterion for suitability to appear in the journal is that papers examine or are otherwise relevant to the impact of nursing interventions on patient well-being.

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    • Imprint: SAUNDERS
    • ISSN: 1361-9004