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    Clinical Chiropractic

    Official Journal of the College of Chiropractors

    As an international, peer reviewed journal, Clinical Chiropractic aims to enhance the standards and quality of the practice of chiropractic by providing authoritative information of use to the clinical chiropractor in development of their professional career; clinical skills and performance; and ability to deliver optimal patient care. It further seeks to improve the level of knowledge about chiropractic and ensure its widest dissemination.

    The journal utilises the double-blind peer review process. The Editor welcomes the following types of article for publication, provided they are deemed to be of relevance, benefit or interest to the clinically practicing chiropractor:

    • Best Evidence Topics
    • Book Reviews
    • Case Challenge
    • Case Reports
    • Case Reviews
    • Clinical Audits
    • Clinical Procedures
    • Commentaries
    • Conferences - reports and abstracts
    • Editorials
    • Indices of academic works produced by associations or academic institutions
    • Letters to the Editor
    • Literature Reviews
    • Original Articles
    • Preliminary Studies
    • Resource Documents
    • Special Reports
    • Technical Reports.

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    • Imprint: ELSEVIER
    • ISSN: 1479-2354