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    Card Technology Today

    Compare smart card solutions from around the world, track technology, products, legislation and key industry players - quickly and with confidence.

    Keeping track of the latest innovations in this fast-growing market is, at best, a time consuming task. At worst it can be unproductive and unreliable. Now, whether you are a manufacturer who needs to track competitive activity, an end-user who needs to identify new applications and suppliers, a developer, a vendor, an integrator or an investor, Card Technology Today gives you immediate access to authoritative information on the international smart card market that you can rely on.

    When you need reliable information for the preparation of business plans, for analysis of competitor activity, strategy and market share, turn to Card Technology Today for the most reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date information drawn from around the world. You'll find coverage of key technologies, applications, manufacturers, legislation and industry initiatives, including:
    • Smart cards
    • Embedders
    • Identification systems
    • Biometrics
    • Personalised systems
    • Systems Integration
    • Banking
    • Law and order
    • Building security
    • Legislation
    • E-commerce
    • Telecommunications
    • Transportation
    • Customer loyalty
    • Government and public bodies
    • Health care
    • Computer security
    • Physical access control
    • Systems integrators
    • Standards and testing
    • Manufacturers
    • and much more

    In each issue of Card Technology Today you'll find:
    Unique Annual Surveys and Original Research

    From applications and legislation to case studies of leading organisations, you'll find the key issues behind the major news stories from around the world with unbiased analysis and comment. Plus, you'll find out who's launching what product and when, what the planned applications are, who is adopting the technology and much more.

    News in Brief:
    Essential news from around the world, covering funding levels for particular applications, government initiatives, new legislation, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, contracts awarded, annual results, new applications and the companies adopting the technology.

    Forthcoming Events:
    You'll find details of all the key industry events from around the world with full contact information so that you can act immediately to secure your place at these international forums.

    Card Technology Today has been designed to enable you to access essential information quickly and easily via:
    • Cross references to previous coverage of companies, technologies, applications and other news stories that will enable you to source further information on a particular news story, product, supplier or application.
    • Tables of relevant information, for easy access and understanding, that you can copy and circulate to colleagues.
    • Full contact data so that whether you want further information on a particular application, technology or want to book places at an industry event, you can quickly and easily contact key personnel.

    Who Should Subscribe?

    Whether you are in banking and finance, the retail industry, telecommunications, transportation, education, healthcare, law and enforcement, security or other areas, your subscription to CTT will enable you to:
    • Determine the most appropriate technology for your needs and compare suppliers
    • Consider how other organisations are using smart cards, identify their business strategies and learn from their mistakes
    • Identify new products to the market and new applications in the field as soon as they become available
    • Track leading-edge technologies and ensure that your company is aware of the leading suppliers and ready to act as soon as new and more cost-effective technology becomes available
    • Identify possible co-operative partners
    • Share insights into applications testing in order to guarantee performance
    • Understand domestic and international government regulations that impact on the industry

    CTT will provide you with straightforward access to essential information that will enable you to:
    • Ensure that you always find the right technology and supplier for any given application requirement
    • Identify the key users in your sector and the solutions that they are employing
    • Monitor who is entering your sector and their plans for the technology
    • Gauge which markets are rapidly developing into substantial earners
    • Pinpoint which products are currently in development and available for licence
    • Evaluate the latest legislation that could impact on your sector

    Card Technology Today will enable you to:
    • Keep track of your competitors
    • Evaluate the needs of end users
    • Monitor the development of competitive products
    • Plan effective business strategy based on reliable, accurate and up-to-date industry information
    • Ensure that you are always fully aware of new international legislation that could impact upon the compatibility and accessibility of your products
    • Identify new distributors and keep track of existing distributors
    • Monitor the market perception of your products
    • Identify new business partners

    If and when smart cards deliver the 'killer' application, the potential returns on investment could be staggering. Use your subscription to CTT to:
    • Track market trends and identify investment opportunities around the world
    • Track the key adopters of smart cards and assess their influence on the market
    • Ensure that you are fully aware of new legislation and its effect on opening up or closing down markets
    • Identify those technologies that offer the best returns - and those that don't
    • Follow research activities and identify potential investment opportunities for the future
    • Spot the 'killer' application early and make your own killing.

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