Borsa İstanbul Review

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Borsa İstanbul Review provides a scholarly platform for empirical financial studies including but not limited to financial markets and institutions, financial economics, investor behavior, financial centers and market structures, corporate finance, recent economic and financial trends. It covers capital markets, derivatives and banking in developed and emerging economies. The main focus is on empirical micro and macro research that has implications for policy making with respect to financial markets & stability and economic growth. Cross country analysis is highly encouraged.

Research Topics:

• Financial Markets and Institutions
• Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Implications
• Behavioral Finance with Special Focus on Investor Behavior
• New Financial Instruments and Their Implications
• Islamic Finance Instruments
• Real Estate Finance and Markets
• Global Financial Market Linkages
• International Financial Centers
• Regional Cooperation of Financial Markets
• Financial Risk Management
• Market Microstructure
• Investments and Portfolio Management
• Valuation
• Capital Markets Governance
• Financial Regulations

Editor Ali Kutan

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  • ISSN: 2214-8450