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    Biomedicine & Preventive Nutrition

    Compelling evidence supports a link between nutrition and a number of acute and chronic diseases. Malnutrition is either the result of inadequate nutrient intake (a condition that magnifies the need for one or several nutrients) or the cause or effect of illness.

    In developing countries, malnutrition and infections are the major cause of premature death whereas in developed countries chronic diseases including cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis are predominant pathologies.

    In children, appropriate nutrition can ensure a child's genetic potential. Eating disorders starting at puberty are more common in girls than boys. In adult pathology, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is becoming an important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The complexity of medical and nutritional management is illustrated by diabetes mellitus. Obesity is one complicating factor that appears to exacerbate disturbances of insulin homeostasis. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma and gout all have also nutritional implications that need to be part of the overall treatment requiring changes in lifestyle. One of which is diet and the use of "functional foods" (foods that provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition and beyond the traditional nutrients provided). Functional foods focus primarily on the risk factors of blood cholesterol, homocysteine and hypertension. As a result of increased longevity, phosphate depletion, Vitamin D deficiency and osteomalacia are more prevalent conditions. Osteoporosis is another major public health problem that is more acute in women but is becoming a problem for men in their seventh and eight decades. The relationship between immunity and nutritional status can be intricate. Maintenance of immuno-competence may be strongly influenced by adherence to a balanced diet.

    The objective of "Biomedicine & Preventive Nutrition" is to provide physicians, nutritionists, dentists, pharmacists, dieticians, health educators, policy makers and research investigators with up-to-date research indicating that the risk of many of the major diseases affecting children and adults can be prevented or at least delayed with nutritional approaches. In addition, Biomedicine & Preventive Nutrition will publish a comprehensive and introduction to natural products and natural metabolites from plants and marine natural products (bacteria, fungi, microalgae, sponges and mollusks) that will be of special interest to chemists, pharmacologists, ecologists, physicians those who are interested in medicinal natural products.

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