Asia-Pacific Journal of Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation and Technology

ISSN: 2214-6873
Editors-in-chief: Kai-Ming Chan; Masahiro Kurosaka

The mission of AP-SMART is to inspire clinicians, practitioners, scientists and engineers to work towards a common goal to improve quality of life in the international community. The Journal publishes original scientific research, reviews, editorials, perspectives, and letters to the Editor. The information presented aims to provide a scientific yet practical approach to areas such as sports medicine, arthroscopy, rehabilitation, sports technology, reconstructive surgery and upper limb.

Sports medicine is itself a field that has cross-disciplinary dimensions and includes specific fields of sports traumatology, cardiology, endocrinology, accident and emergency medicine, physiology, biochemistry and biomechanics. Whilst each of these fields serves a specific domain, they all provide important contributions to the overall care of athletes.

Arthroscopy is the key to minimally invasive interventions for sports trauma. Recent advances in skills and technology have allowed significant developments in this area, driving arthroscopy to the forefront of surgical development in sports traumatology.

Rehabilitation is an integral part of the overall management of sports trauma. It entails a comprehensive program of treatment with allied health professionals, performance optimization, preventive measures and outcome evaluation.

Sports technology is of vital importance to biomechanical and biological research areas in arthroplasty and sports medicine, allowing new ideas to be tested, developed and applied in the field. We aim to establish strong links between engineers, scientists, biomechanists and administrators involved with sports and sports technology.

AP-SMART publishes articles related to reconstructive surgery of the knee, shoulder and ankle, including osteotomy, total joint replacement, minimally invasive and computer-assisted surgery. There is a section on the upper limb devoted to the advancement of the science and management of upper limb disorders, with particular relevance to sport-related conditions.

Multidisciplinary research with collaboration amongst clinicians and scientists from different disciplines will be the trend in the coming decades. AP-SMART provides a platform for the exchange of new clinical and scientific information in the most precise and expeditious way to achieve timely dissemination of information and cross-fertilization of ideas.

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EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Kai-Ming Chan , Masahiro Kurosaka

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