D.-W. Park

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    Busan, The Republic of Korea

  • Education1976 B.E., Seoul National University (Korea)1978 M.E., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology [KAIST] (Korea)1984 Ph.D., University of Aix-Marseille III (France)1984-1985 Post-doctoral Research, IPSOI (France)Academic Career 1985-1987 Senior Researcher, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology1987-present Professor, Pusan National University (PNU)1999-2000 Visiting Professor, University of British Columbia (Canada)2009-2009 Visiting Professor, Tianjin University (China)Specialties:• Metal Oxide Catalyts for Oxidation • Ionic Liquids in Catalysis• Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide• Reaction KineticsResearch Output: - 270 papers, 20 patents