Annales d'Endocrinologie

Bulletin Officiel de la Société Française d'Endocrinologie

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The Annales d'Endocrinologie, mouthpiece of the French Society of Endocrinology (SFE), publishes reviews, articles and case reports coming from clinical, therapeutic and fundamental research in endocrinology and metabolic diseases. Every year, it carries a position paper by a work-group of French-language endocrinologists, on an endocrine pathology chosen by the Society's Scientific Committee. The journal is also the organ of the Society's annual Congress, publishing a summary of the symposia, presentations and posters. "Les Must de l'Endocrinologie" is a special booklet brought out for the Congress, with summary articles that are always very well received. And finally, we publish the high-level instructional courses delivered during the Henri-Pierre Klotz International Endocrinology Days. The Annales is a window on the world, keeping alert clinicians up to date on what is going on in diagnosis and treatment in all the areas of our specialty.

Editor in Chief Michel Pugeat

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  • ISSN: 0003-4266