Ambulatory Surgery

International Journal covering Surgery, Anaesthesiology, Nursing and Management Issues in Day Surgery

As of 2006, no longer published by Elsevier

Day-care, or ambulatory techniques provides an efficient and flexible approach to the provision of many surgical and therapeutic procedures.

Ambulatory Surgery promotes and develops this system of patient management by providing a multidisciplinary international forum for all those health care professionalsinvolved in day-care surgery. The journal publishes peer-reviewed original articles relating to the practice of ambulatory surgery.

Papers are included on:
Basic and clinical research - in surgery, anaesthesia and nursing;
Administrative issues - including facility development, management, governmental issues and reimbursement;
Perioperative care - covering patient and procedure selection, discharge criteria and home care.
Also included are topical and educational reviews examining a wide range of subjects and controversies in the field.

Ambulatory Surgery will be the international journal-of-first-choice for the publication of high-quality papers in the field of day-care surgery.

Ambulatory Surgery is the Official Clinical Journal of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (I.A.A.S.). For a listing of Member Societies andbenefits for individual members of these Societies, pleaseclick here.

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  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISSN: 0966-6532