European Journal of Disability Research

ALTER is a peer-reviewed European journal which looks at disability and its variations. It is aimed at everyone who is involved or interested in this field. ALTER is an emblematic Latin word for all forms of difference, leaving open the question of their nature and expression.
An inter-disciplinary journal
First and foremost, interdisciplinarity means remaining open to all human and social sciences: sociology, anthropology, psychology, psychoanalysis, history, demography, epidemiology, economics, law, etc. It also means a connection between the different forms of knowledge - academic and fundamental - applied and relating to the experience of disability.
A cross-disciplinary journal
Research on disability and its variations constitutes a transversal axis which opens the review up to a multitude of approaches and problematic. It covers matters ranging from the individual to the environment, from impairment to participation, from discrimination to the exercise of citizenship... ALTER looks at all the questions examined in human and social sciences, be they social, economic, political or health related.
A European journal
The European dimension means having a multicultural outlook; it means well-argued comparisons and useful scientific controversies that go beyond national boundaries.

Editors-in-chief Dr. Jean-Sébastien Eidelimann ,Dr. Emmanuelle Fillion ,Dr. Myriam Winance

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  • ISSN: 1875-0672