Evaluating Research in the 21st Century: Mapping the topical evolution of Research Evaluation

In this Perspectives video, we look at how the field of research evaluation can be defined and how it has evolved over a 20-year period. Using Scopus and VOSviewer, we present a topical evolution of a field, as defined by the published literature.



  • Explore how the field of research evaluation has gradually evolved between 1998 and 2018
  • In the most recent decade, the field has rapidly grown concurrently with the growth of indicator and dataset availability
  • Over the time period analysed the most recent clusters to emerge in the field have been in the areas of geographical and topical research performance analysis

You can find more information about the methodology, including the Scopus keyword search and VOSviewer maps used to create this video.

Download supporting materials (PDF, 8.7 MB)