Portrait of prof Amane Koizumi

Professor Amane Koizumi, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Japan

Professor Amane Koizumi currently works for National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Japan, since 2013, the headquarter of five national research institutes including astronomy, fusion physics, basic biology, neuroscience/physiology, and molecular science. In his current role, he is managing/overviewing research activities of their research institutes.

Koizumi also led Japanese Ministry-initiated research metrics project (2016-2017), and his team found the importance of ATSUMI metrics such as h5-index for evaluating institutional research activities as well as quantity and quality indexes.  Koizumi is a graduate of Keio University Medical School, Tokyo, Japan (1997). After he got a Japanese medical doctor license, Koizumi became a PhD for retinal neurophysiology in Keio University.

Koizumi was also a research fellow of Professor Richard H. Masland, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School (2002-2007), Boston, USA, and invented novel organotypic culture of mammalian retina. Koizumi got awarded from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan (2010).