PowerCards Week Three Update

This has been a significant week for the PowerCards team. We had a design summit for our MVP and found that we all had nearly identical visions for the product.

By now our team has developed a strong synergy and sense of trust in each other. We are able to have open discussions where everyone is encouraged to bring new ideas to the floor. It is so cool to be on a team where ideas and solutions routinely emerge more focused and vital because we collaboratively engaged as a team. This relates to the other big step the team took, which is the separate ownership of work-streams.

We are at a point now where Peter, our CTO, has taken ownership of the technology workstream and he will update the team where necessary. So too for Charlese, our COO, who is taking the design workstream. This process of specialization was inevitably going to occur but as CEO, I have complete faith that we are working towards the same endpoint. I have this faith because of our practice of collaboration and communication. Just a few months ago, my colleagues and teammates were all strangers to each other but I now count them as my friends. We make each other laugh. We take the work seriously but we don’t take ourselves seriously. There is a feeling of joy that we have working together. I am inspired to work harder because I am excited to share it with my team. I have to believe that this dynamic will also infuse the product. I hope that the users of PowerCards get a sense of this feeling too.