PowerCards Week Ten Update

After the excitement of the Crash Test, PowerCards team took all the comments and questions we got in order to tighten our presentation for the actual Demo Day!

Our COO and Head of Design Charlese finished creating our clickable prototype to help visualize PowerCards’ core use cases. She also was able to craft a test plan form to help guide the team in performing the User Testing once our Phase 1 app is finalized. Charlese also had a call with our design mentor Shaun where they talked about minor adjustments to tweak to improve the design. Shaun’s advice was to tighten the UI and make sure that interactive objects like buttons stand out from the background so that they would look more real. Charlese will make some UI tool kits to make some small changes based from our mentor’s comments.

Our CTO Peter has been busy tirelessly working on developing all of our MVP one feature at a time. He has been able to implement another one of our essential features but as usual in software development, there are still some challenges that we need to address. This week we were introduced to another technical mentor who has expertise in iOS development and Peter is excited to set up a call with him to get some insights about the possible solutions! We are well on our way to presenting our product in London.

Our CEO Nathan and our Head of Marketing and User Engagement Abhishek are working side by side to put together our business model canvas. We want to make sure that the strategies we would be making are the optimal direction to follow, so we are being thorough with our research. Nathan is yet to have a call with our business mentor to get feedback on our plans.

Less than three weeks to go and our journey through the incubation period is about to culminate. We are proud of the progress we have made and we are glad and thankful for the support we are getting from both Elsevier and BeMyApp. We are excited to be seeing everyone again in London and are looking forward to be presenting PowerCards!