PowerCards Week Seven Update

This week, team PowerCards focused on preparing for the Crash Test that is going to happen next week. We started with our weekly internal call on Monday where we discussed the updates we did for last week, as well as plan and distribute the tasks for the present week.

For the design workstream, due to some technical challenges that we encountered, the team decided to switch the design platform from Sketch, which is a paid app that only works in Mac, to Adobe XD, which is free and works in both Mac and Windows. Our CTO Peter stated that this should not cause cross platform problems even though we are developing for the iOS. Our COO and Head of Design Charlese will be translating our Sketch designs to XD and working on the UI of the demo during this week. We also will try to redesign the Marketplace that we did during the hackathon.

For the development workstream, Peter has also been working on additional features of the demo. He was able to find additional libraries that we could use to enhance the functionalities of our Minimum Viable Product (MVP). He also recorded a screencast of the current demo to visualize the requests he needs for the User Interface. We are also trying to upload our app to TestFlight for easier deployment and testing of the product. TestFlight would allow testers, including external users, to install our demo to their devices easily and provide us with feedback so that we can improve the application.

For the business case workstream, our Head of Marketing and User Engagement, Abhishek, is researching specific statistics related to market share, number of subscriptions and revenue of our competitors, which we could use as a proof of concept and would help us when we craft and decide on our business models. Our CEO Nathan spent most of his time developing and refining our Executive summary and the presentation. The team has decided to assign him to do our pitch in the Crash Test and on the actual Demo Day.,

We are looking forward to working with our Business Mentor Thomas, to run our ideas by him and get feedback on our them. We are also excited to practise for our pitch and continue to improve and enhance our deck.