PowerCards Week Four Update

Last week was a productive milestone in making the first significant steps towards our Minimal Viable Product in the Incubation programme.

The feedback we have received from our design mentor has aided us to finalize our conceptual plans as well as pinpointed important directions how to improve our branding and communication strategy whenever talking about the product. Based on the mentor’s feedback we started thinking about how best to convey our added values to our users as part of our presentation.

We also feel more focused in choosing development directions whenever we reach a decision point, which is a great feeling compared to the first weeks in the programme, when we feared the potential impact of a wrong turn or could not foresee what the future might hold for us.

We have set up a task management system for scheduling tasks, which helps us to keep focused and more efficient in our work. Our team is determined to jump into developing our actual MVP and designing a rock-star pitch for the upcoming crash test. Everything is ready and set for the meeting with the technical mentor this week, which will put the final seal on our technical plans. In parallel with the first steps in the development, the rest of the team is working hard to outline the business model for our company. We believe that our selling points are easy to relate to and the deliverable product at the end of the programme will be a ready-to-sell solution. This way real users can get involved for beta testing later on by which we can refine the solution in the future.