PowerCards Week Five Update

This week we encountered an interesting but inevitable issue at PowerCards.

The two primary work-streams going forward are: 1. developing the business plan and 2. developing the product. Team members have naturally divided their efforts into one of the two tasks and the question arose, should we still be having frequent all-team meetings where everyone weighs in on everything? Mind you, there are only four of us but there is so much to do in so little time that we kind of feel stretched thin. The larger question is: what is the value of collaboration vs. individual focus? I imagine that all start-ups go through this. At some point there is just too much to do and you have to trust your teammates and let them handle whatever task it is. The conclusion that we came to is that collaboration is critical to our success even though it takes time away from our individual responsibilities. We decided that the key to our success was a sense of shared ownership. There are times when we will need to go beyond our scope of responsibilities or our expertise, to stretch ourselves, in order for the company to find success. Thus we made the decision not because we thought it would make us more efficient or raise our standards. We did it because we are in this together and we need to keep that as a central ethic. These types of teamwork dynamics are so important and the only way through them is to come together and communicate.

That being said, we are off and running. Peter, our CTO, and Charlese our COO and Head of Design are rocking and rolling on product development. We will get our first glimpse of the progress they have made on our team call next week. Myself and Abhishek are working on the business plan. Abhishek has done a fabulous job of researching our competitors in the market and outlining their feature set, business model, and price points. I am working on the conceptual model and believe that the pieces are coming together. I am excited to keep refining it until it is ready to unveil.