Patient X Week Twelve Update

We are in the middle of the final stretch and we want to have everything polished for the Demo Day in London. The vast majority of the hours we have worked on the product these days have been dedicated to the prototype itself. It is a huge challenge for just medical students to create a live-working version of our idea, but step by step we are managing to do it and we are confident about the outcome.

Moreover, we have kept committed to the pursuit of narrowing down the public so as to effectively take on board the mentors' feedback. Regarding this, we have been in contact with some medical students that have recently studied cardiology and haematology, the areas of medicine involved in the case we have used for building the prototype that will be unveiled in London. By this means, we believe that we have fairly achieved the goal of targeting a specific user by addressing very concrete needs of a particular group of medical students.

It has been very exciting for us to listen our potential users' feedback and concerns, and we consider that this strategy has been very effective because it has led us to a constant reshaping of the product we were bringing to life. But, above the possibility of improving our work, our excitement came mainly from the good reception of the idea by the students, and their conviction that this tool would have been beneficial not only for their learning process of a subject but also for their medical training... because in the end that is exactly what we are aiming to achieve. What is more, the "clicking" rather than "typing" model has originated very good reactions. Obviously, we had our concerns about significantly changing the direction of the project in a move that might somehow make the product simpler, but the results couldn't have been more inspiring. A more basic user interface and less complicated AI requirements have made the app more appealing to the user.

Apart from the work on the prototype, we have been in contact with some mentors, trying to collect the lasts advices and rethinking our Business model and strategy for the future; we have been arranging everything that is needed for our flight and staying in London, and we have been handling our university duties corresponding to the end of the semester.