Patient X Week Ten Update

During the past week, our team faced a critical moment as we wanted to take up all the feedback provided by our mentors the previous week. After redirecting our product towards the key idea of training medical students on the decision-making process when ordering investigations and treatments, we needed to find an appropriate way of building our chatbot's users' interface.

Therefore, we have started to create a new patient case in which the multiple-choice questions are playing a major role, avoiding the need of excessive typing as well as the clinical history taking process. This is nothing short of time-consuming, but we hope it will prove greatly useful towards our new goal. Now, the user is going to be provided in advance with more information so that the crucial aspect of each and every case for the students will be the need to assume responsibilities as if they were doctors doing the round on the ward.

We know that, actually, we significantly changed the direction of the project after more than two months of work. Admittedly, this is both frightening and amazing at the same time! However, this has really allowed us to narrow down our target audience as well as to focus more on reducing medical errors improving the patient care on the long-term, and less on the communication part of clinical reasoning. It was hard to let go of our initial idea that we had worked on for such a long time, but by changing the direction based on the feedback we have been given so far while maintaining the soul of the project, we believe that our MVP has improved considerably. Once we manage to have a first version of the app with this new face, we will carry out a new approach to a representative group of our target users for them to provide us their feedback and recommendations.

Beyond that, Patient X was faced with quite a large challenge because these days were full of duties such as exams, thesis defense for one of our members (involving international travelling!) and even some health issues that have put our multitasking skills to test. Moreover, we have taken some steps forward trying to assure our presence on the Demo Day and to do it in the best way possible.

In the coming week, our team will continue progressing our plans trying to explore the options available for us to create our chatbot for the demo presentation. We will have also a call about the business model and schedule further calls with our design and tech mentors so that we can continue to shape every aspect of our idea.