Patient X Week Six Update

During the past week, Team Patient X has been continuing to work out our ideas for the prototype and to help us do so we had a call with a technology expert who already has some years of experience in working with technological startups and the like.

During the call we received some very positive feedback, which in turn gave us more motivation to continue working on this product. People being enthusiastic about our idea (especially an expert in a relevant field) always comes as a pleasant surprise and serves as reassurance that we’re on the right path to make a change in the exciting world where technology meets medical education.

Together with the tech mentor we were able to break down our idea of what the demo could look like into a few options (like modules) respectively involving different technologies that we could combine to eventually present as our final prototype. Each of these options is technologically very much possible. This fact reassured us once again as this will make it a lot easier to work on the technical side of our product development, and, if deemed helpful, to allow easy introduction of future developers to our team.

We talked about the key selling points of our application, about the things that make it stand out from similar applications. We were very happy to hear that the tech mentor agreed with us, and even had some more things to add to these lists. The amount of gamification our end product will consist of was also discussed. We could keep the chatbot a simple textual chatbot or fully design a visual game with graphic representations of patients, instruments and the like. For now we choose to focus on our initial, easy to use on-the-go idea, the chatbot. However, it’s good to think about ways to expand our product in the future.

Regarding the demo, we discussed what would be advised or not on the technical side. For now, our created demo with aforementioned software Invision and BotSociety seems sufficient. We are also looking into the possibility of creating a scripted demo and will keep researching what’s necessary for us to make it happen. There are  a lot of different machine learning technologies we have yet to properly look into, some exciting advancements are being made in that field (e.g. Amazon Alexa for Business).

We have yet to have a meeting with our design mentor and we are very excited to see how he will receive our created mock-up and UI ideas. As we are still unsure what platform to use for our chatbot, this meeting will likely greatly influence what our product will look like in the end. As we are not designers, we are very eager to hear from someone with design experience.

This past week has been a little hard as we are all busy with our studies, but we are making it work from different countries. We keep looking forward to presenting our demo and in the end hopefully being allowed to further develop our product, ideally helping many students and therefore patients worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates!