Patient X Week Seven Update

This past week, our team reached milestones in making significant progress towards the creation of our project! We are very honoured to be able to collaborate and gain insightful feedback from mentors in technology. We cannot reiterate enough how humbled we are to represent the medical community in advocating for the place of technology within the education environment. To be able to be brought together as team from all around the world, is the icing on top!

After exploring various avenues of technology in the past week and testing different software, we have chosen the most appropriate ones to convert our demo patient case into a chatbot format, as well as create icons for our product.

We have also started planning our pitch for the upcoming crash test. We are excited to start getting feedback from our fellow medical students and colleagues in the near future! We hope this feedback will allow us to improve the user experience and future streamline our MVP. This is extremely important for us as we really want to create the best possible solution for our fellow medical students’ education and learning experience. Ultimately, we hope that our innovation will make waves in the medical education and medtech communities as we promote the ever-growing importance of technology in medicine both for clinical practice and for training.

As a team consisting of only medical students, we are determined to power on and step out of our comfort zones in terms of design and technology. The mentors have provided us with much guidance, and we want to use this opportunity to inspire others to strive to achieve things that they believe are important. For us as medical students, we know too well the struggles of med students around the world and will work tirelessly to bring us a step closer to a better change.