Patient X Week Nine Update

Following the crash test, our team took a few days to reflect on the feedback, rest up and regroup. And now, we are more than ready to get back into it and power through until the final demo day!

We have been inspired by the advice given by the Elsevier mentors, especially David Game. As a result, we will be further narrowing down the problem in medical education that we are trying to solve with our app. Improvements are made in medical education to produce more competent doctors and ultimately, the goal is for better patient outcomes. This is what we hope to achieve and we have now centred our product on this key idea.

The direction of our app has changed quite significantly yet we aim to keep the core chatbot structure and format within our product. The crash test day has made us realise the potential that we can unleash from our chatbot framework and hope that what we are creating now, goes beyond education medical students but changing clinical practice for the benefit of our patients and their families.

Realising the huge potential that lies ahead of the project is really inspiring and has encouraged us to keep working hard despite being quite busy with our medicine exams and placements. But knowing that this MVP goes beyond simply ‘education’ keeps us really motivated.

This week, we will be testing out the new direction of our app, by focusing mainly on the decision-making process in regard to ordering investigations and treatment. We will be building a new medical case with multiple exciting outcomes and we can’t wait to test it out! Stay tuned for more updates from our team as Demo Day approaches!