Patient X Week Four Update

During the past week, Team Patient X was faced with quite a large challenge. After in-depth discussions with both our developers, they were very sorry to pull out of the incubation program as they found it extremely hard to balance the time invested into this programme with their day-time job.

We are down to a team of three medical students but we are still determined and motivated to bring this chatbot into a reality. In the past few days, we have discussed our options and explored other possibilities to code our chatbot for the demo presentation. We are still in the progress of these plans and will keep you readers posted in the next update!

This week, we also finished developing the medical content which will be utilised in our final demo of the chatbot. We wanted to create a case which fully showcased the benefits of our chatbot, so we chose a medical presentation which is not very common, but is extremely urgent and can be fatal. Thus, junior doctors are expected to know how to recognise the signs, diagnose and treat this condition and failing to do so may actually lead to the loss of a patient. However, many doctors may never have encountered this sort of case during their medical school placements or even while working in a hospital, so having such cases on the chatbot will train our medical students to become more competent clinicians of the future.

In the coming week, our team will continue to explore the options available for us to power on with the incubation programme and more adaptable ways for us to bring the chatbot into a reality. We will also be thinking of user experience and user interface in the planning of the chatbot.