Patient X Week Five Update

During the past week, Team Patient X has been continuing to explore the options of moving ahead with the incubation without any developers.

This poses as a bit of a challenge but we will try our best to do so without. After now having created our patient case for the demo day, we will be exploring different website and software to create our demo. At the moment, we are looking to use applications that will allow an interactive mock-up such as using Invision and BotSociety. We will also be playing around with different Icon design creators online to maximise the user experience of our product.

We have also written up a list of questions that we would like to use to create a survey for our fellow medical students and colleagues. This will help us gain valuable user feedback both about the need for such an app but also with ways that we can better improve our design and usability.

We will have input from some technological and design experts in the coming days and we are excited to show them what we have achieved so far and incorporate their years of experience into our product to create a MVP. We have been using Canva to create infographics and photos to post on social media. In the past week, we have also continued to monitor and manage our social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and will be using these channels to launch our survey soon. Along with the surveys, we will be looking to obtain some quotes from professionals in the medical field and also in the medical technology sector which we can include in our final demo presentation.

In the coming week, we hope to be able to create a first draft of our mock-up so that we can start obtaining feedback from experts as well as our target audience. Stay tuned for more updates to come!