Patient X Week Eight Update

During the past week, our team has been working really hard leading up to the crash test. We were really excited to showcase the progress we have made since the Hackathon!

We have a strong belief in the prototype that we developed at the Hackathon and intend on keeping the same structure of the patient case interaction. For our live demo, we have create a concise but full length case that will demonstrate the usability of our app for students everyday and its ability to impart essential information in a very short amount of time. We aim to deliver this very practical aspect of our product as it means that our fellow medical students can practise working up a patient from start to finish within their daily morning bus ride to the hospital.

While we have kept the ‘bones’ of our original prototype, the incubation process so far has helped us realize the importance of branding and the user experience. For us, this means a sleek design finish as well as delivering our essential components such as the feedback page and ‘patient waiting room’ in an effortless manner for the user. Because we have no designers or developers, the mentoring sessions and calls have proved insightful and high-yield for us especially as medical students. UX and marketing was previously a very foreign concept to us, and the guidance we have received has made venturing out of our comfort zone a little easier. Never in a million years, would we have imagined us being able to create visual design content, edit videos on iMovie, play around with software to make mockups, and manage social media channels!

This week we finished producing the mock-ups of our app screen as well as the chatbot video. We also had our business model workshop with our mentor where we were able to get valuable feedback about how to best market our product.

During the crash test, we were given the opportunity to deliver our pitch to the Elsevier experts and received lots of insightful feedback about the direction of our MVP. We will be taking all the feedback on board and have gone away from this crash test with lots to think about! This week, we will re-evaluate Patient X’s direction and come back with a reworked MVP so stay tuned for updates to come!