Foresight Week Two Update

This week has been a bit slow across the board for team Foresight but one exciting thing we got to do was have a meeting with our Elsevier mentors Tim and David to discuss how we can begin to expand the business side of the project while also holding the end-user as a high priority.

Beyond that meeting, we, as a team, have also been holding discussions amongst ourselves about how we can streamline our social media postings and really make sure we are beginning to grab attention and make an impact on that end.

It has been quite rough so far with everyone’s schedules clashing and us trying to get a feel for our individual roles within the company but thankfully things will begin to ease up soon and we have plans to really get things going from next week on, especially on the social media front. As for the technical aspect of the project, the developers are working hard on the architecture and we are moving towards bringing all the individual components of the project together.

So, you might not have seen much of team Foresight this week but believe me, there is a lot going on underground and we are building everything up to have exciting things happening from next week on. Team Foresight hopes to see and interact with you soon. Make sure you’re following along on our social media (twitter and instagram: @weareforesight) so you don’t miss anything!