Foresight Week Three Update

This week for Team Foresight has been a very busy and productive one. We have made a lot of progress in all aspects of our project.

We started off the week by setting up our social media, and we have begun to post very regularly and to keep looking for opportunities to engage with our target audience. Some of our attempts were very successful and we received some feedback on our project. Even though some of our other posts weren’t as successful, we will keep trying to find the best ways to connect with our end users.

Earlier in the week we had our weekly meeting and decided to focus our project on utilizing data that can be crowd-sourced from medical students for now, and to put off trying to use data from the hospitals and teaching staff until the future. We made this decision because our CEO, Mao, who is our main link into the world of medical education is currently quite busy with exams and can’t help us at the moment with connecting with the hospitals and staff. But we’ve not been deterred by this and we are making all efforts to continue our project as planned, except with a slight change in data source and implementation.

On the technical side, work has really begun in earnest. This week we have gone fully from planning to doing and hope to sustain that energy over the next couple of weeks to have our first running prototype quite soon. Our project has undergone quite a lot of changes since the hackathon days but they are good, effective changes that will breathe more life into our tool. To help us on this technical side is Thomas, our mentor. We had a very interesting meeting with him in which he shared lots of knowledge and has promised to be there to answer as many questions as we might have. All in all, it’s been a successful week but we won’t be resting on our laurels over the coming week. It’s full steam ahead from here on out for Team Foresight!