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In this inaugural volume, we invite you to learn more about the many aspects of DNA Repair, from experimental tools and methods, to pathways and signaling, genome instability, new drugs and clinical translation. The content follows a progressive narrative to guide a logic easy reading.

The DNA repair pathways and cancer

The Journey of DNA Repair, Natalie Saini, Trends in Cancer

Deciphering the Code of the Cancer Genome: Mechanisms of Chromosome Rearrangement, Nicholas A. Willis, Emilie Rass, Ralph Scully, Trends in Cancer

Inhibition of DNA Repair as a Therapeutic Target, Stephany Veuger, Nicola J. Curtin, Cancer Drug Design and Discovery (Second Edition)

Understanding the basics for translating the base excision repair pathway from benchtop to bedside in cancer treatment, C. Vascotto, M. Poletto, DNA Repair in Cancer Therapy (Second Edition)

MGMT—a critical DNA repair gene target for chemotherapy resistance, M. Christmann, B. Kaina, DNA Repair in Cancer Therapy (Second Edition)

DNA mismatch repair and microsatellite - unstable cancers

The DNA mismatch repair pathway, S.A. Martin, DNA Repair in Cancer Therapy (Second Edition)

The Immune Biology of Microsatellite-Unstable Cancer, Matthias Kloor, Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz, Trends in Cancer

Targeting DNA repair: clinical translation

Overview of DNA repair pathways, current targets, and clinical trials bench to clinic, M.R. Kelley, M.L. Fishel, DNA Repair in Cancer Therapy (Second Edition)

DNA-Targeted Precision Medicine; Have We Been Caught Sleeping?, William C. Reinhold, Anish Thomas, Yves Pommier, Trends in Cancer

The ‘Pushmi-Pullyu’ of DNA REPAIR: Clinical Synthetic Lethality, S. Percy Ivy, Johann de Bono, Elise C. Kohn, Trends in Cancer

The role of DNA damage and repair in toxicity to postmitotic cells caused by cancer therapies, M.R. Vasko, B. Shariati, N. Zanville, DNA Repair in Cancer Therapy (Second Edition)

Cancer genome instability

Karyotypic Aberrations in Oncogenesis and Cancer Therapy, Ilio Vitale, Gwenola Manic, Laura Senovilla, Guido Kroemer, Lorenzo Galluzzi, Trends in Cancer

Difference Makers: Chromosomal Instability versus Aneuploidy in Cancer, Richard H. van Jaarsveld, Geert J.P.L. Kops, Trends in Cancer

Mitotic DNA Damage Response: At the Crossroads of Structural and Numerical Cancer Chromosome Instabilities, Samuel F. Bakhoum, Lilian Kabeche, Duane A. Compton, Simon N. Powell, Holger Bastians, Trends in Cancer

Human Diseases Associated With Genome Instability, B.C. Feltes, J. de Faria Poloni, K.N. Miyamoto, D. Bonatto, Genome Stability

Tools to study DNA repair

Unraveling the DNA Damage Response Signaling Network Through RNA Interference Screening, Louise von Stechow, Bob van de Water, Erik H.J. Danen, Toxicogenomics-Based Cellular Models

Intrinsic Molecular Processes: Impact on Mutagenesis, Byungho Lim, Jihyeob Mun, Seon-Young Kim, Trends in Cancer

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