Special article collection to commemorate World Cancer Day 2018

To mark World Cancer Day, Elsevier is offering complimentary access to a selection of articles relating to cancer research, from Elsevier’s oncology journals. If not open access already, these articles will remain free until the start of March.

Selected Articles:


Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology

Beyond checkpoint inhibition – Immunotherapeutical strategies in combination with radiation
F. Eckert, U.S. Gaipl, G. Niedermann, M. Hettich, K. Schilbach, S.M. Huber, D. Zips


Clinical Oncology

Neoadjuvant Therapy in Early Breast Cancer: Treatment Considerations and Common Debates in Practice
H. Cain, I.R. Macpherson, M. Beresford, S.E. Pinder, J. Pong, J.M. Dixon

Targeted Therapy in Thyroid Cancer: State of the Art
L. Valerio, L. Pieruzzi, C. Giani, L. Agate, V. Bottici, L. Lorusso, V. Cappagli, L. Puleo, A. Matrone, D. Viola, C. Romei, R. Ciampi, E. Molinaro, R. Elisei


European Journal of Cancer

European Breast Cancer Conference manifesto on breast centres/units
Fatima Cardoso, Luigi Cataliotti, Alberto Costa, Susan Knox, Lorenza Marotti, Emiel Rutgers, Marc Beishon


European Journal of Surgical Oncology

Controversies and recommendations regarding sentinel lymph node biopsy in primary breast cancer: A comprehensive review of current data
Petros Charalampoudis, Christos Markopoulos, Tibor Kovacs


International Journal of Radiation Oncology-Biology-Physics

Clinical Outcomes of Several IMRT Techniques for Patients With Head and Neck Cancer: A Propensity Score–Weighted Analysis
Jean-Emmanuel Bibault, Sophie Dussart, Pascal Pommier, Magali Morelle, Marius Huguet, Pierre Boisselier, Bernard Coche-Dequeant, Marc Alfonsi, Etienne Bardet, Michel Rives, Valentin Calugaru, Enrique Chajon, Georges Noel, Hinda Mecellem, Stephanie Servagi Vernat, Lionel Perrier, Philippe Giraud

Phase 1/2 Dose-Escalation Study of the Use of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy to Treat the Prostate and Pelvic Nodes in Patients With Prostate Cancer
Miguel Reis Ferreira, Atia Khan, Karen Thomas, Lesley Truelove, Helen McNair, Annie Gao, Chris C. Parker, Robert Huddart, Margaret Bidmead, Ros Eeles, Vincent Khoo, Nicholas J. van As, Vibeke N. Hansen, David P. Dearnaley


Journal of Bone Oncology

Management of Aromatase Inhibitor-Associated Bone Loss (AIBL) in postmenopausal women with hormone sensitive breast cancer: Joint position statement of the IOF, CABS, ECTS, IEG, ESCEO, IMS, and SIOG
Peyman Hadji, Matti S. Aapro, Jean-Jacques Body, Michael Gnant, Maria Luisa Brandi, Jean Yves Reginster, M. Carola Zillikens, Claus-C. Glüer, Tobie de Villiers, Rod Baber, G. David Roodman, Cyrus Cooper, Bente Langdahl, Santiago Palacios, John Kanis, Nasser Al-Daghri, Xavier Nogues, Erik Fink Eriksen, Andreas Kurth, Rene Rizzoli, Robert E. Coleman

Receptor tyrosine kinases: Characterisation, mechanism of action and therapeutic interests for bone cancers
Aude I. Ségaliny, Marta Tellez-Gabriel, Marie-Françoise Heymann, Dominique Heymann


Journal of Thoracic Oncology

Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Lung: Current Challenges and Advances in the Diagnosis and Management of Well-Differentiated Disease
Andrew E. Hendifar, Alberto M. Marchevsky, Richard Tuli

The Cost-Effectiveness of High-Risk Lung Cancer Screening and Drivers of Program Efficiency
Sonya Cressman, Stuart J. Peacock, Martin C. Tammemägi, William K. Evans, Natasha B. Leighl, John R. Goffin, Alain Tremblay, Geoffrey Liu, Daria Manos, Paul MacEachern, Rick Bhatia, Serge Puksa, Garth Nicholas, Annette McWilliams, John R. Mayo, John Yee, John C. English, Reka Pataky, Emily McPherson, Sukhinder Atkar-Khattra, Michael R. Johnston, Heidi Schmidt, Frances A. Shepherd, Kam Soghrati, Kayvan Amjadi, Paul Burrowes, Christian Couture, Harmanjatinder S. Sekhon, Kazuhiro Yasufuku, Glenwood Goss, Diana N. Ionescu, David M. Hwang, Simon Martel, Don D. Sin, Wan C. Tan, Stefan Urbanski, Zhaolin Xu, Ming-Sound Tsao, Stephen Lam



What's New in SCLC? A Review
Bryan Oronsky, Tony R. Reid, Arnold Oronsky, Corey A. Carter

Molecular Imaging of Colorectal Tumors by Targeting Colon Cancer Secreted Protein-2 (CCSP-2)
Jaeil Kim, Eun-ju Do, Helen Moinova, Sang Mun Bae, Ja Young Kang, Seung-Mo Hong, Stephen P. Fink, Jinmyoung Joo, Young-Ah Suh, Se Jin Jang, Sung Wook Hwang, Sang Hyoung Park, Dong-Hoon Yang, Byong Duk Ye, Jeong-Sik Byeon, Jaewon Choe, Suk-Kyun Yang, Sanford D. Markowitz, Sang-Yeob Kim, Seung-Jae Myung


Radiotherapy and Oncology

Optimization of combined proton-photon treatments
Jan Unkelbach, Mark Bangert, Karen De Amorim Bernstein, Nicolaus Andratschke, Matthias Guckenberger