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At Elsevier, we're more than nursing information providers and publishers. We're also nurses who share your passion for caring.  So when you choose Elsevier, you're not only getting the most trusted and innovative products in the industry, you're also getting the unparalleled support and expertise you need to thrive - now, and in the future - from countless nurses just like you.

Happy National Nurses Week!

Thank you for all you do.

This year for National Nurses Week, we wanted to say thank you, and give others a way to say thank you, too.

In one way or another, a nurse has impacted the lives of all of us.  Whether it’s being by our side through the birth of a child, the care of a loved one, or the help we need to get back on our feet, thank you for all you do.

We asked people to share their stories of thanks and submit photos with our special Nurses Week thank you note.

Nurses WeekNurses WeekNurses Week

Click here to see the images we’ve gathered from those that want to say thank you.

Click here to submit your own photo to say thank you to your nursing colleagues.

Nurses Week Bonuses!

In celebration of National Nurses Week 2016, the Elsevier Nursing Journals team has compiled a special article collection.  These articles all explore issues involving nurses’ quality of life and balance between their career and home life: from mindfulness, to workplace violence and injury, to burnout and much more.

To celebrate nurses’ altruistic spirit, routinely prioritizing their patients’ well-being over their own, we are pleased to offer these articles that focus on nurses’ well-being for free until May 31, 2016.

For access to this year’s list, go here.

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Together, we can empower...

The nursing students of today...

Nursing students are on the path to a career that will impact countless lives, and throughout that journey, Elsevier is proud to deliver the information, study tools, and learning resources that transform today's students into tomorrow's nurses.

Resources for students:
Elsevier Student Life



The nurses they'll become...

Elsevier provides innovative solutions to meet a healthcare organization's need for evidence-based content, nursing skills education, and the tools and services nurses need to provide optimal patient care.

Reference resources:
Mosby's Nursing Consult

Skills resources:
Mosby's Skills
Mosby's Skills+
Mosby's eLearning
Mosby's Home Health Care

Patient engagement:

Clinical workflow resources:
CPM CarePoints
CPM Transformation Services

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CPM's  Facebook
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And those who guide them along the way

Elsevier empowers educators with solutions, content, and unparalleled support to improve student outcomes and achieve program goals. And for researchers, we publish and provide access to many leading nursing journals.

Resources for educators:
Elsevier Advantage
Academic Consulting Group

Resources for researchers:
Elsevier Nursing Journals

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Those who guide

Elsevier does more than empower nurses.  We celebrate them as well!

Not just anyone can be a nurse. It takes a person with extraordinary strength, skill, and compassion. Someone who can put the needs of others ahead of their own. At Elsevier, we know that nurses not only improve the quality of our lives, nurses save lives.