In celebration of National Nurses Week 2016, the Elsevier Nursing Journals team has compiled a special article collection.  These articles all explore issues involving nurses’ quality of life and balance between their career and home life: from mindfulness, to workplace violence and injury, to burnout and much more.

To celebrate nurses’ altruistic spirit, routinely prioritizing their patients’ well-being over their own, we are pleased to offer these articles that focus on nurses’ wellbeing for free until May 31, 2016.

Applied Nursing Research

AORN Journal

International Emergency Nursing

International Journal of Nursing Studies

Journal of Emergency Nursing

Journal of Nursing Regulation

Journal of Pediatric Nursing

Journal of Professional Nursing

Nurse Education in Practice

Nurse Education Today

Nurse Leader

Nursing for Women’s Health

Nursing Outlook

The Journal for Nurse Practitioners