Welcome to Elsevier Hacks Incubation 2018

We are excited to be running a global incubation programme! Building on the Elsevier Hacks, event which took place in Helsinki 2017, three teams from the hackathon are taking the next steps in the journey to becoming a startup business.

Working together across the globe over a twelve-week period, they have been coached by experts in design, development, communication and business, taking the ideas and prototypes created at the hackathon and building them into fully matured business plans and MVPs, ready to release in the market.

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Demo Day

The culmination of all the hard work the teams have put in over the past 12 weeks, Demo Day is taking place in our London headquarters on 19th July. The startups will present their ideas, demo their minimal viable products (MVPs), and pitch their business plans in front of a panel of experts, who will then announce the winner.

Meet the Startups


Foresight Team Logo

An app that prepares medical students for clinical learning by providing evidence-based advice, tailored to the student’s hospital. Using chatbot technology it recommends relevant information sourced from published papers, hospital data or crowdsourced from fellow students.

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Patient X

Patient X Team Logo

A realistic and safe simulation of a patient case that allows students to practice clinical reasoning and receive feedback. Utilising chatbot technology this solution will enable medical students to improve their diagnostic process at an early stage.

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Powercards Team Logo

A toolset that will enable medical students to fluidly translate any content, whether it be a lecture presentation, a textbook, a photo, sound, video, or even 3D models into a dynamic flashcard study resource.

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Team updates

Our teams' latest reports on progress, along with updates from mentors, and more...

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Patient X Week Twelve Update

13 Jul 2018

We are in the middle of the final stretch and we want to have everything polished for the Demo Day in London. The vast majority of the hours we have worked on the product these days have been dedicated to the prototype itself. It is a huge challenge for just medical students to create a live-working version of our idea, but step by step we are managing to do it and we are confident about the outcome.

Patient X team winning team photo at Elsevier Hacks

Patient X Week Eleven Update

06 Jul 2018

This week has been really busy for our team with balancing many other things such as hospital placements, exams, graduation as well as moving back to Spain after an exchange year in Poland.

Patient X team winning team photo at Elsevier Hacks

Powercards Week Ten Update

29 Jun 2018

After the excitement of the Crash Test, PowerCards team took all the comments and questions we got in order to tighten our presentation for the actual Demo Day!

Powercards Week 10 Video Image

Patient X Week Ten Update

29 Jun 2018

During the past week, our team faced a critical moment as we wanted to take up all the feedback provided by our mentors the previous week. After redirecting our product towards the key idea of training medical students on the decision-making process when ordering investigations and treatments, we needed to find an appropriate way of building our chatbot's users' interface.

Patient X team winning team photo at Elsevier Hacks

Patient X Week Nine Update

22 Jun 2018

Following the crash test, our team took a few days to reflect on the feedback, rest up and regroup. And now, we are more than ready to get back into it and power through until the final demo day!

Patient X team winning team photo at Elsevier Hacks

Foresight Week Nine Update

22 Jun 2018

Find out how team Foresight are feeling in week nine of the Elsevier Hacks Incubation!

Foresight Week 9 Video Image

What was Elsevier Hacks?

Elsevier Hacks was a unique 48-hour event which took place alongside the Association of Medical Educators Conference 2017 in Helsinki. It brought together medical students from across the globe, who worked in teams with experts in coding and design, to build creative solutions to solve challenges in medical education.

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