Piracy’s hidden impact

The impact of piracy & counterfeiting isn’t always apparent.  Take a moment to read between the lines.

Watch our video.

Piracy and counterfeiting prevent funds from being reinvested in research and resources, limiting progress in the field of medicine.  Elsevier is committed to improving education, facilitating scientific discoveries and supporting the content and information industry.

Join us in tackling piracy & counterfeiting

We are asking students, faculties and content providers to support us in identifying pirated and counterfeit content.  By uncovering the hidden impacts of piracy, we want to promote a culture where people always buy genuine and support the future of science and medicine.  Find out more below and look out for how Elsevier is working to create a world where piracy and counterfeiting no longer exists.

Look beneath the surface

Have you ever wondered what the true impact of piracy is and who is actually affected?  Watch this video to learn more.

Read between the lines

Find out how piracy limits progress in the field of medicine and how you can better identify pirated and counterfeit content.

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