Clinical Nutrition Experimental

Celebrating its first year of publication

Clinical Nutrition Experimental is the peer-reviewed, open-access, official journal of The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN).

Clinical Nutrition ExperimentalClinical Nutrition Experimental launched in September 2015 with the goal of stimulating experimental research activities in clinical nutrition by publishing research on nutrient physiology and metabolism, nutritional neurosciences, nutritional toxicities, nutritional immunology, nutrigenomics, molecular nutrition, vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, genetics and microbiota.

Editor-in-Chief, Pierre Singer, M.D., highlights the following can't miss papers from the journal's first year:

Effects of resveratrol, grape juice or red wine consumption Irisin levels and fibronectin type III domain containing protein 5 and uncoupoling protein gene expression modulation in rats - Shows rats fed with revestrol, grape fruit or red wine that revestrol and grape juice were able to increase muscle tissue FNDC5 gene expression and that a high fat diet, isolated or associated with polyphenol enriched beverages, could decrease this same expression in adipose tissue.

In ovo method for evaluating the effect of nutritional therapies on tumor development, growth and vascularization – Describes a rapid and low cost method of experimental radio/chemotherapy in tumor xenografted chicken chorioallantoic membrane.

Unacylated ghrelin does not alter mitochondrial function, redox state and triglyceride content in rat liver in vivo - The impact of unacylated grehlin was studied on lean mice to determine its impact on liver triglyceride content, mitochondrial function and redox status.

Development of a device to reduce gastro-esophageal reflux in critically ill patients - Describes a new device to prevent gastro-esophageal reflux and reviews preliminary experiments that show the device is safe, increasing the promise the device may prevent reflux and possibly aspiration and entilato associated pneumonia.

The journal also published an April 2016 special issue on Gut Microbiota and Nutrition.

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