A special collection of highly cited articles from leading Australian nursing researchers

To recognise the contribution of Australian nursing research to the field, the Elsevier Nursing Journals team has compiled a special regional article collection. These articles showcase recent highly cited articles published by Australian researchers by Elsevier.

Our collection includes articles from journals published on behalf of the Australian College of Nursing (Collegian), The Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (Australian Critical Care) and The College of Emergency Nurses of Australasia (Australasian Emergency Nursing Journal), as well as journals published out of Europe and the US (Intensive and Critical Care Nursing; International Journal of Nursing Studies; Nurse Education Today; Nurse Education in Practice; Nursing Outlook).

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Selected Articles:

International Journal of Nursing Studies

Encouraging early discussion of life expectancy and end-of-life care: A randomised controlled trial of a nurse-led communication support program for patients and caregivers
Adam Walczak, Phyllis N. Butow, Martin H.N. Tattersall, Patricia M. Davidson, Jane Young, Ronald M. Epstein, Daniel S.J. Costa, Josephine M. Clayton

Devices and dressings to secure peripheral venous catheters: A Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis
Nicole Marsh, Joan Webster, Gabor Mihala, Claire M. Rickard

The cost-effectiveness of a patient centred pressure ulcer prevention care bundle: Findings from the INTACT cluster randomised trial
Jennifer A. Whitty, Elizabeth McInnes, Tracey Bucknall, Joan Webster, Brigid M. Gillespie, Merrilyn Banks, Lukman Thalib, Marianne Wallis, Jose Cumsille, Shelley Roberts, Wendy Chaboyer

Impact of community based nurse-led clinics on patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, patient access and cost effectiveness: A systematic review
Sue Randall, Tonia Crawford, Jane Currie, Jo River, Vasiliki Betihavas

Clinical significance in nursing research: A discussion and descriptive analysis
Denise F. Polit

Nursing Outlook

Validity and model-based reliability of the Work Organisation Assessment Questionnaire among nurses
Leila Karimi, Denny Meyer

Refinement and validation of the Work Readiness Scale for graduate nurses
Arlene Walker, Kate M. Storey, Beth M. Costa, Rachel K. Leung

Barriers to intensive care unit nurses' autonomy in Iran: A qualitative study
Maryam AllahBakhshian, Nasrollah Alimohammadi, Fariba Taleghani, Ahmadreza Yazdan Nik, Saeed Abbasi, Leila Gholizadeh

Workplace violence against emergency nurses in Taiwan: A phenomenographic study
Chin-Yen Han, Chun-Chih Lin, Alan Barnard, Ya-Chu Hsiao, Suzanne Goopy, Li-Chin Chen

Tools to assess risk of bias in systematic reviews of nursing intervention in China: Global implications of the findings
Juxia Zhan, Jiancheng Wang, Lin Han, Xin Cao, Linda Shields