Webinar: Patron-driven eBook acquisition with curation control

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Title: Patron-driven eBook acquisition with curation control

Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Time: 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

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About the webinar:

Patron-driven acquisition has many benefits and ensures that you buy content that is in demand. However, many patron-driven models remove purchasing and budget control.

In this session, we’ll review patron-driven models that allow flexibility in the amount of content, budget investment, and length of access, based on the needs of your library’s specific user community. These models directly involve your users and align their interests with the eBook purchasing process without them having to change their behavior or make manual requests. Through Evidence Based Selection (EBS) you, the librarian, still retain the ultimate decision-making power for which titles are purchased in perpetuity considering usage statistics.

Case studies will be presented to show real-life examples of these acquisition models in action.

Marydee Ojala

Moderator: Marydee Ojala, Editor-in-Chief Online Searcher magazine

Tommy Doyle

Presenter: Tommy Doyle, General Manager, Research Reference, Elsevier

Jirat Jiri

Guest Speaker:  Ing. Jiří Jirát, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. He is a member of both Laboratory of Informatics and Chemistry and Centre for Information Services, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. His main focus of interest is the area of chemical informatics and electronic publishing.