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At a busy  conference, we know how difficult it is for your poster to attract the  attention it deserves. Especially when there are hundreds of other posters and  limited time.

So why not give your  poster that extra exposure by taking part in Poster in my Pocket?

How does it work?

2 criteria must be met first:

  • Your abstract should be accepted as  a poster at one of these conferences
  • You have registered to attend the  conference

Once  registered, and wish to take part in Poster in my Pocket, you will receive  specific information such as a unique code, QR code, and instructions how to log into the CMS (Content Management System) to upload your poster.

The unique  code and/or QR code can be added to your poster. This is branded with Poster in  my Pocket design to attract attention and announce to attendees that your  poster can be downloaded via the App.

Useful files


Are you getting an error when uploading your poster PDF?
Try doing the poster upload using a different browser. Internet Explorer usually works the best.

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