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  1. Is the Poster in my Pocket app free?
  2. Is the Poster in my Pocket app available for iOS and Android  devices?
    Yes, the app is freely available for iOS devices from iTunes and for Android devices on Google Play.
  3. Is the Poster in my Pocket app  available for the iPad?
    There is not a specific iPad version, but the iPhone version should work fine  on an iPad. In fact it’s probably easier to read the poster on an iPad without  having to scroll too much.
  4. How do I know if a conference I am  attending supports Poster in my Pocket?There are 2 ways. The app itself will state all the conferences it is  supporting. It will also be mentioned on the website; most probably in the  Posters section.
    << Keep a look out for this icon
  5. Is it only Elsevier Conferences that  support Poster in my Pocket?
    We  also now offer it to a limited number of Non-Elsevier conferences. If you are a  conference organiser and interested in using the Poster in my Pocket app at one of your  conferences please contact us at:
  6. Where can I find a list of Elsevier  Conferences?
    The current year’s list of conferences is here.
  7. I have  downloaded the app on my mobile, but I don’t see the conference I’m planning to  attend. Why not?
    A  conference (& any posters associated with that conference) is only visible  from 180 days prior to the event. The conference will also continue to be  visible in the app up to 180 days after the event.
  8. Can I  use other apps on my mobile to read the actual poster of interest?
    open posterCertainly. Well-known apps such as iBooks, Dropbox, Kindle, Stanza and many more can be  used for reading a poster. Once you have opened the poster to view it, there is  an “open” button on the top right. Click on this and you will see the apps  (already on your mobile) that can support this. This functionality has been  incorporated into the app to enhance your reading experience, (especially if  you already have a favourite app for reading), but is entirely optional. You  can also read the poster within the Poster in my Pocket app itself.

Poster Authors

  1. Is it free to participate in Poster in my Pocket?
    Yes. As long as your abstract has been accepted for the specific  conference, and you are registered as a delegate, it is totally free.
  2. I have already uploaded my poster to  the database, but I have just generated new results from my experiments I would  like to add to the poster. Can I upload a new PDF?
    Certainly. You are allowed to upload a new PDF whenever you want.
  3. Can people who do not attend the  conference see my poster?
    Yes.  Anyone who installs the app on their mobile has access to posters. However the  advantage for conference attendees is that they can read the physical poster  first and even ask you questions about it. If they think it’s interesting  enough to read in more detail later, they can download the poster by using the  (QR/numerical) code.
  4. I am not attending the conference  but would like to submit a poster to Poster  in my Pocket app. Is this possible?
    No. From the poster presenter’s point of view, the Poster in my Pocket app is only open to those who are attending the  specific conference and have had an abstract accepted. However we would  encourage you to still download the app and play around with it. You can still  view posters that may be of interest to you.
  5. I forgot to add the unique number/QR  code to my poster before it was printed. What can I do to ensure viewers know  my poster is available via the app?
    There will be a number of “blank” Poster  in my Pocket branded stickers available from the Conference Registration  desk where you can write your Poster in  my Pocket unique number on. This can then be manually attached to your  poster.
  6. Is my delegate number the same as  the Poster in my Pocket number?
    No. Although this would be an ideal situation, due to technical reasons  this was not possible to implement. It is important for you therefore not to  mix up the numbers, and to keep the Poster  in my Pocket number safe.
  7. Can people who read my poster  contact me?
    This is entirely up to you. You will be given a choice when you upload  your poster if you want readers to get in touch with you.
  8. Do I still own the copyright of the  poster after I submit my poster to the Poster  in my Pocket database?
  9. How long does my poster PDF file  stay in your database?
    Up to 180 days, or shorter if you decide to retract your poster earlier. You can do so via our back end system.
  10. My results are confidential. Can  participation in Poster in my Pocket lead to results falling in the wrong hands?
    We advise to omit all confidential data from your poster, whether or not  you participate in the Poster in my  Pocket app. Elsevier accepts no responsibility for confidential data that  is shown on a poster.
  11. Does Elsevier make money if I  participate in this?
    We do not make any direct revenue from Poster in my Pocket. This is an added service to Scientists to help  disseminate their research.
  12. Does participation in Poster in my Pocket app help increase my  chances in getting published in an Elsevier journal?
    There are no links between the two. If you are interested in publishing  in an Elsevier journal we advise to visit here: or read this publication: Also at the conference you are  attending, there is a good chance that publishers and editors of relevant  journals are present. We advise you to chat to them.
  13. Why is my poster PDF  giving me an error when I try to upload the file?
    Try doing the poster upload using a different browser. Internet Explorer usually works the best.

Conference Attendees

  1. Can I install the Poster in my Pocket at the conference?
    Yes, as long as you have internet/Wifi connection. This varies from conference to conference. However we advise you to install the app before  travelling to the conference.
  2. Can I store data prior to going to a conference?
    Yes, you can  cache all available poster data prior to attending the conference by sliding the blue arrow to the right (at the bottom of the Events page within the app). Should you now go offline, then you would be able to experience the app just like when you would be connected. The only thing you cannot do when being offline, is downloading the actual high resolution poster, and refreshing new data.
  3. I see a poster that I would like to  read on my mobile but I’m not connected to the internet, what can I do?
    Go ahead and open the app, enter the unique number you see on the poster (or scan the QR code) or flag the poster from the list.  The next time you are connected to the internet  you will be able to download the poster under 'My Posters'.
  4. Can I forward the poster to my  colleague or supervisor who is not at the conference?
    Yes, when you see an interesting poster within the app, you can forward it to any email address by hitting the forward icon. The recipient will be given a link to the poster within the app (that they will need to install first). If the recipient doesn't have an iPhone or Android device they are given the option to have it sent to their email address.
  5. Can I contact an author of a poster?
    Authors of posters opt in for this functionality. So if you see an option to contact them after you download the poster, then by all means you can  contact them.

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