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Picture this:

You're at a conference, browsing the scientific posters. You stumble upon a poster that is very interesting and relevant to you. However you have 2 minutes before the next presentation starts.

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What do you do?

  • Quickly scribble down some notes?
  • Take a photo of the poster?
  • Grab a summary flyer that might be attached to it?
  • Add the flyer to the rest of the paperwork you will eventually leave behind in your hotel?

Or open Poster in my Pocket app and within seconds have a crisp clear replica of the poster on your mobile? A poster you can zoom into, study at your leisure, or read on the go!
Say goodbye to blurry photos & crumpled flyers - Say hello to Poster in my Pocket!

What is it?

A mobile app that allows conference attendees to download scientific posters they find interesting directly onto their mobile.

Win-Win Situation

The Poster in my Pocket app is designed with two sides of the Scientific Community in mind: Poster Authors and Conference Attendees.

Benefits for Poster Authors:

  • Increase the chances of your research being read
  • Optional: Researchers could contact you via the app, resulting in exciting collaborations, new friends.

Benefits for Conference Attendees:

  • An excellent way to compile interesting research (that in some cases has not yet been published).
  • Read it at your leisure at a later stage
  • Optional: Contact the poster author directly

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