Materials Today Asia 2014


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The conference will feature the latest research on cutting edge materials science topics, from leading researchers, covering  four focus sessions:

Biomaterials: Including regenerative medicine,  tissue engineering, hydrogels, scaffolds, biodegradable materials, drug  delivery systems.
Session  chair: Prof. Kam Leong, Duke University, USA

Nanoscience  and technology:  Including carbon nanotubes and graphene, boron nitride, nanoparticles,  nanocrystals, quantum dots and nanowires.
Session  chair: Prof. T. G. Nieh, University of Tennessee, USA

Materials  for energy:  Including nuclear materials, photovoltaics, Li-ion batteries, thermoelectrics,  supercapacitors, solar catalysis.
Session  chair: Prof. Steve Zinkle, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

Advanced  materials and processing: Including organic electronics, advanced composites, metal-organic frameworks, bio-electronics, plasmonics, superconductors, metamaterials.
Session  chair: Prof. M. W. Chen, Tohoku University, Japan