4th International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology

Plenary Speaker/ Committee

Anthony Fane, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Anthony Fane

Tony Fane is a Chemical Engineer working on membranes since 1973. His interests are in membranes applied to environmental applications and the water cycle. He is former Director UNESCO Centre for Membranes at the University of New South Wales and former Head of Chemical Engineering at UNSW. Since 2002 he has directed membrane research in Singapore as Temasek Professor (2002-2006) at Nanyang Technological University, and since 2008 as Founding Director of the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC) at NTU. He is now Visiting Professor at SMTC. He is on the Advisory Board of JMembSci (former editor) and Editorial Board of Desalination. He is Fellow of the Academy of Technological Science & Engineering and Patron of the Membrane Society of Australasia. He received the IWA Membrane Technology Award in 2013.
See A.G.(Tony)Fane - scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=OkYbE0AAAAAJ&hl=en