4th International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology


Plenary speakers

Amanda Ellis

The University of Melbourne, Australia

Talk title: From marine biology to surface chemistry – the impact on desalination

Prof. Amanda Ellis graduated with a Ph.D (Applied Chemistry) from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2003. After two postdocs in the USA, including Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and New Mexico State University she secured a prestigious Foundation of Research Science and Technology Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Industrial Research Ltd (now Callaghan Innovations).

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Greg Leslie

University of New South Wales, Australia

Talk title: In-situ desalination with novel membranes for climate resilient irrigation

Professor Greg Leslie is the Director of the Global Water Institute at the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia.

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Tom Pankratz

Global Water Intelligence, USA

Talk title: Whither desalination?

Tom Pankratz is a Texas-based independent consultant and the editor of the weekly Water Desalination Report.

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Huanting Wang

Monash University, Australia

Talk title: Metal-organic framework based membranes for ion separations

Huanting Wang is a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Associate Dean International of Faculty of Engineering at Monash University, Clayton Campus, Australia.

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Keynote speakers

Bruce Biltof

Evoqua Water Technologies Membrane Systems Pty Ltd, Australia

Talk title: Low pressure membrane pre-treatment evolution – driving down the cost of desalination

Bruce Biltoft has more than 30 years’ experience with Memcor, from its start-up through to a mature global business.

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Yung Chang

Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan

Talk title: Antifouling membrane system for sustainable water treatment

Prof Yung Chang is a Distinguished Professor and the Director of the R&D center for Membrane Technology at Chung Yuan Christian University  (CYCU), Chung-Li, Taiwan.

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Vicki Chen

University of New South Wales, Australia

Talk title: Membrane distillation and pevaporation for desalination and resource recovery

Professor Chen has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis).

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Amy Childress

University of Southern California, USA

Talk title: One water not two: synergistic blending opportunities for water reuse and desalination

Dr. Amy Childress is Professor and Director of Environmental Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC). Dr. Childress’ research and scholarly interests have been in the area of membrane processes for water treatment, wastewater reclamation, and desalination.

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Jaeweon Cho

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea

Talk title: Perception of engineers to desalination

CHO, Jaeweon is professor of Environmental Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST). He now directs the Convergence Research Center, named 'Science Walden', supported by National Research Foundation of Korea, with convergence of science and arts being focused, since 2015.

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Emile Cornelissen

KWR Watercycle Research Institute, The Netherlands

Talk title: Natural viruses for integrity monitoring of reverse osmosis with a > 7 LRV

Prof. dr. ir. Emile Cornelissen is a Senior Scientific Researcher at KWR Watercycle Research Institute in the Netherlands and part-time Professor at the Particle and Interfacial Technology Group at the University of Ghent in Belgium (since 2017). He works also as a Visiting Scientist at the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC) at the NTU in Singapore (since 2014).

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Robert Field

University of Oxford, UK

Talk title: Desalination using graphene membranes: has it been overhyped?

Professor Robert Field graduated with a PhD (chemical engineering) from University of Cambridge where he had also read Natural Sciences.

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Nick Hankins

University of Oxford, UK

Talk title: Osmotically-Assisted Reverse Osmosis (OARO): Some new approaches to dewatering high salinity brines to high recovery using membrane processes

Nick Hankins is an Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering at the Department of Engineering Science, The University of Oxford. He holds an M.A. from the University of Cambridge, a PhD from the University of Oklahoma and is a Chartered Chemical Engineer.

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Raed Hashaikeh

New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE

Talk title: Cellulose and nano-zeolites to enhance membranes performance

Dr. Hashaikeh is a Professor at New York University Abu Dhabi. He received his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from McGill University in Canada (2005).

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Tao He

Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, China

Talk title: Scaling mitigation in membrane distillation: from superhydrophobic to slippery

Dr. Tao He is the head of Laboratory for Membrane Materials and Separation Technologies at Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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Hideto Matsuyama

Kobe University, Japan

Talk title: Development of star-shaped oligomers with a glycerol backbone as draw solutes for forward osmosis

Hideto Matsuyama has more than 30 years of academic experiences in membrane based separation science and technology for application targeted in water purification and gas separation.

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Graeme Pearce

Membrane Consultancy Associates, UK

Talk title: Comparative survey of membrane and conventional pre-treatment for the control of bio-fouling in seawater desalination

Dr Graeme K Pearce is an Oxford educated membrane technology specialist with more than 35 years’ experience in the membrane industry.

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Rong Wang

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Talk title: Performance enhancement of membrane distillation process via membrane surface modification for surfactant-containing feed water

Prof. Rong Wang has been a Full Professor and Chair in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore since 2014.

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Luke Zappia

Water Corporation of Western Australia, Australia

Talk title: Perspectives and contributions on membrane treatment and operations; drought proofing our six seasons state

Luke Zappia has played a defining role in the Australian Water sector. He is a leading water scientist and industry professional recognised for major state, national and international
contributions and collaborations to environmental microbiology and engineering sciences, science and technical leadership, education and water management in Australia.

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