Chairs’ Letter of Invitation

Dear Delegates,

As Co-Chairs and on behalf of the organising and scientific committees, we are delighted to welcome delegates from all over the world to the Fifth International Conference on Membrane Desalination: Membrane Desalination 2021 (MEMDES 2021). This conference is supported by the international journal Desalination and dedicated to the state-of-the-art in membrane desalination and related technologies.

Seawater is one of the emerging non-conventional water resources and seawater desalination capacity has been expanding in China as well as in the Gulf region and around the world. In particular, seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) encompasses over 95% of the new desalination plants, evidencing the crucial role of membrane technology towards desalination both at present time and for the future. Likewise, wastewater management has become critical due to the push of more stringent environmental regulations to adopt the new desalination technologies for wastewater reuse and resource recovery. Addressing such a global challenge requires an orchestrated and innovative effort from governments, industries and academic stakeholders. Fortunately, the momentum of the central locus for desalination has been kept and persistent progress has been made in membrane materials, processes and systems. Emerging concerns on the environment issues related to desalination due to brine disposal have also attracted attention in recent years. Resources harvesting is a timely and well-suited expansion for brine management using ion selective membranes. This MEMDES2021 conference is the right forum for such a dynamic desalination community.

On behalf of the MEMDES2021 organising committee, we would like to invite you to submit an abstract to share your latest research findings and perspectives on desalination using membranes. The conference committee has already commenced putting together a truly unique programme that addresses the cutting-edge research and development in desalination, water reuse and water treatment and related techniques. A series of plenary and invited presentations will be delivered by internationally renowned experts. Parallel specific subject sessions will be accompanied by oral presentations. Poster sessions will be organized to allow easy access and viewing throughout the meeting time window. The associated exhibition on the Campus of Shanghai Tech University will provide you the latest dynamic industrial development in membrane desalination technologies from mostly China and the world.

Selected presentations and posters will be recommended for publication in the MEMDES 2021 Special Issues of Desalination, a high impact platform for the leading experts around the world. It remains one of the top journals in Elsevier family with an impact factor of 7.098 in 2019. We thank all editorial teams, reviewers, and authors for their continuous contribution to raise the quality of the papers published and the growth of impact to the desalination society. As the only official conference initiated by the Desalination journal and Elsevier, MEMDES2021 is now in the fifth round. The conference has been a popular and leading knowledge sharing and discussion forum for the Desalination and membrane community. To better interact with the desalination community, we are present on various social media platforms including Wechat (Desalination), LinkedIn ( and Twitter (, where instant exchange of information is enabled. The Desalination editorial team welcomes your feedback to better improve the journal. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiries.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Elsevier and all the organising and scientific committee members for their contribution to the success of MEMDES2021. We wish MEMDES 2021 will be an inspiring and unforgettable experience for you during these unprecedented and difficult times.

Kind regards

Prof. Tao He

Prof. Yuebiao Zhang

Prof. Ho Kyong Shon