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Your access to the latest advances in clinical knowledge

You never stand still and neither does knowledge in a highly dynamic healthcare environment. ClinicalKey can relieve the pressures of staying on top of current research, procedures and evidence-based practice related to complex clinical diagnoses, helping you to make informed decisions and delivery better quality care for your patients.

Why does ClinicalKey make a real difference?

Because surgery isn't the only

You’re an OB/GYN first year resident on a demanding shift. A female patient presents with lower abdominal pain, occasional fever and you know there are several conditions that share these unspecific symptoms of acute pelvic pain.

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Because consistent information is a vital part of his treatment

You’re a float nurse rostered to the respiratory department. It’s been over 9 months since you were here. Handover is delayed due to an incident with a patient. You briefly do a ward check and find a patient struggling to breathe.

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How does ClinicalKey make finding answers easier

When you need an immediate answer, ClinicalKey offers more than 1,400 Topic Pages covering disease risk factors, clinical manifestations, treatments and more, as well as links to specialty-specific answers, related drugs and Clinical Overviews. But with the added benefit of being able to narrow down your search with filtering and scaling to get to the answers you need fast.

Filter it.
ClinicalKey can narrow results by source type, study type, specialty and date. Results update automatically.

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Scale it.
Search wide. Search narrow. It’s up to you. ClinicalKey can search across all content or within a specific chapter, book, journal or content type.

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On the go.
Use ClinicalKey on your phone or tablet when you’re travelling to work or between treating patients. It has the same functionality as the desktop version.

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