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Conference speaker

Mohammad Mahdi A. Shirazi


Mohammad Mahdi A. Shirazi

Aalborg University, Denmark

Talk: Membrane crystallization for resource recovery from brine towards sustainability and circular economy

Dr. Mohammad Mahdi A. Shirazi received his PhD in Chemical Engineering (2020) and is currently a senior researcher in the Center for Membrane Technology at Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark. His research interests include membrane engineering for resource recovery (critical metals, such as Lithium, etc.), desalination, and wastewater treatment, all towards sustainable production and circular economy.

He is also interested in remediation of nanopollution in aquatic resources and emerging applications for green nanofibers. Over the last 12 years, he has successfully contributed to many research projects and R&D activities. He has also co-edited 2 books, entitled “Electrospun and Nanofibrous Membranes: Principles and Applications” and “Green Membrane Technology towards Environmental Sustainability”, (Elsevier Publisher).