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Conference speaker

Mohamed Ibrahim Ali


Mohamed Ibrahim Ali

Associate Professor

Khalifa University, UAE

Talk: DCMD scale-up using dimensionless parameters and multiple regression analysis

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan Ali is an associate professor in the Mechanical engineering department and the leader of the thermal desalination theme in CMAT (Center for Membrane and Advanced Water Technology) at Khalifa University, UAE. He served as an associate and assistant professor at the University of Helwan, Egypt, as an assistant professor at Masdar Institute, UAE, and as a senior research scientist and senior lecturer at the University of Kentucky, USA.

During his academic career, Dr. Ali established comprehensive experimental and computational studies of thermal and chemical energy conversion systems. He also accomplished comprehensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies for industrial burners and furnaces design, internal combustion engine performance, waste heat recovery, and water distillation systems. Dr. Ali developed several scale-up models for heat-to-power and heat-to-heat recovery systems to utilize the aluminum melting furnaces and smelter waste heat for electricity production and water distillation. He recently implemented similarity analysis using dimensionless groups for scale-up Membrane distillation (MD) systems and recognized the key dimensionless parameter for MD.His achievements are cited and recognized in top journals in the field. He has served as principal/co‐principal investigator of more than 20 projects. He has more than 110 published articles.