EVISE is Elsevier's new web-based system to support the editorial process for journals which replaces the Elsevier Editorial System (EES).

EVISE is continually being  developed together with the researcher community (including EES users and existing EVISE users) as well as user-centred design experts. The insights we gain on user needs, pain points, expectations and behaviour allow us to optimise its usability.


EVISE offers features to support all user groups. Some key examples are as follows

For all users

  • The Elsevier Profile allows users to sign into all EVISE journals as well as other Elsevier products (e.g. Scopus, ScienceDirect, Mendeley) with a single username and password, and offers “remember me” functionality.
  • An integrated red-amber-green (RAG) traffic light colour-coding scheme provides a visual overview to support users with managing their tasks. For instance, it can help editors to manage the reviews in progress for papers they are handling.
  • Users will be able to access other single sign-on supported Elsevier Profile platforms (e.g. Scopus, ScienceDirect, Mendeley) directly by opening the participating product in a separate tab. The same is true for users working in another product who then open EVISE. When the user logs out of EVISE, they are also automatically logged out of any Elsevier Profile product opened whilst logged into EVISE.

For Editors

  • Editors are able to search for, invite and manage reviewers from a single screen, improving clarity and reducing the number of clicks required to complete actions.
  • Similarity checks via CrossCheck iThenticate are run automatically for all new submissions to support editors with detecting plagiarism cases.
  • Editors are able to create and manage personal customised decision letters, which can then be used to notify authors of decisions.
  • Functionality is available to support and manage special issues.
  • From the My Reviewers Overview table, editors can filter the “Invitation Status”. They can choose between “All Reviewers” or just “My Reviewers”. The number of rows displayed can also be selected: 25, 50 or 100.
  • If an invited reviewer’s email bounces back (not an out-of-office message), this is displayed as a warning on the Manage Reviewers table and when searching for the reviewer.
  • When assigning a revision to an editor, the previous handling editor is displayed in the Assign Editor table.

For Editors & Reviewers

  • Multiple options are available for editors to find appropriate reviewers via: the integrated Scopus Reviewer Finder Tool; topic matching leveraging Elsevier’s new OmniScience Taxonomy; and the ability to search the entire EVISE reviewer database. The aim is for reviewers to receive papers that are relevant to them.
  • Automated reference linking is available via CrossRef, allowing editors and reviewers to easily link to the bibliographic record to verify and view (if they have access) the referenced material.

For Authors

  • The submission process for authors is simplified to four steps: enter manuscript information; upload files; provide additional information; and review & submit.
  • Author submission files are automatically ordered by file type to make the submission process simpler and faster for authors.
  • Links allowing authors to email the journal are available from relevant screens within EVISE to enhance communication between the author and journal.
  • Authors and co-authors can link their ORCIDs in EVISE so that accepted submissions are automatically added to their ORCID account when published.
  • LaTeX submissions are supported.
  • Fast author proof generation is supported.

Accessing EVISE

Once live on EVISE, a journal’s EVISE page can be accessed via the ‘Submit your paper’ link on the left of the Elsevier.com journal’s homepage. Follow the instructions on the EVISE landing page to register and/or log in to EVISE. If you have an Elsevier Profile, you can use your Elsevier Profile credentials to log in.

Editor FAQs

Migration from EES to EVISE will take place journal by journal. Editors will be informed at the start of the deployment process and will be contacted by the migration team and offered full training on how to manage their journal using EVISE.

Editor FAQs

Training & e-learning

EVISE training

Editors can sign up to EVISE training sessions held on a regular basis. These training sessions cover the key, essential editorial tasks that editors perform in EVISE. Training sessions are 1:1 and are personalised for each editor and cover a number of time zones so editors and their staff can sign up to a training session that is most convenient to them. The training team continues to support editors once they are established on EVISE by also offering more specialised Q&A sessions.

To sign up for EVISE editor training, please click here, select the preferred language for training and then your preferred time slot. A trainer will then be in contact with further details.


The EVISE e-learning platform is available to support all user groups.

Note on compatibility: The e-learning platform works best in Chrome, Firefox, or IE8 and higher. It is not compatible with IE7. If using IE, make sure that you are not working in compatibility mode as this will cause display issues. To check your compatibility settings go to: Check tools > Compatibility View settings.

Editor video demonstrations

The EVISE support YouTube channel contains Editor videos including an introduction to EVISE, and mini videos that answer the most common questions about EVISE. The videos provide quick visual references on how to perform your editor tasks in EVISE and will make progressing your assignments simple and easy.

If you’re accessing these resources from China click here


As well as the e-learning platform, we have developed several resources to support EVISE users, all available at our support website.

  • An Editor Quick Guide to EVISE which provides a step-by-step written guide to the key tasks in the editorial workflow
  • A series of self-help FAQs and “how to” articles
  • Email and chat support are available 24/7
  • Telephone support is available 24/5