2. Prepare your paper for submission

Preparing your paper

Read the guide for authors, which you can find on the journal’s homepage. It contains specific requirements related to ethics, open access options, copyright and funding body agreements. It also provides guidelines for preparing your paper, covering:

  • article structure
  • abstract
  • highlights and keywords
  • accepted formats for artwork, data sources and video

Do not let your language result in your rejection

Poor English is one of the most common reasons for rejection. You can avoid this by having your manuscript proofread or edited – check out our guide for how to check your manuscript. Elsevier also offers editing services via the WebShop:

Enrich your article

Publishing in an Elsevier journal gives you the opportunity to enrich your article with a different content, such as graphical abstracts, interactive maps, 3D data visualisations and multimedia. You will need to prepare this content before you submit, so check the Guide for Authors to find out what is available for the journal of your choice.

Share research data

When preparing your manuscript, think about giving your final article more visibility by sharing your research data. You can upload your research data directly with your manuscript to Mendeley Data, link to research data hosted in repositories or co-submit a data or methods article. You can also include interactive data visualisations with your article. Check the Guide for Authors of the journal of your choice to see what solutions they support and prepare your files before you submit to help you complete your submission quicker and with ease.