Life at Elsevier:
Ludivine Allagnat

LocationTokyo, Japan

“What I love is that my work here is never the same; I’m always learning something new”

Photograph of Ludivine Allagnat

What's your role in helping the company achieve its goals?

I’m Senior Manager for Global Academic Relations and I’m currently based in the bustling, exciting city of Tokyo. My main responsibilities include building relationships with universities, funding agencies and governments at the higher management level, which is primarily done through thought-leadership projects such as conferences, reports or collaborative initiatives.

What does Elsevier, as a company, mean to you?

To me, Elsevier stands for a long-standing publishing house which has evolved from producing classical scholarship to an international multimedia publishing company. The story arc of the company’s transformation is something I think is really thrilling – we represent a strong image of both stability and innovation in an industry that’s always moving.

What’s your favourite memory from your time at Elsevier?

My favourite memory is also one which I consider to be a personal achievement. I’ve only been with the company three years, but the first major project I worked on was a report on the status of stem cell research. I was heavily involved along with an amazing small team in every component of it – the content, review, interviews and even the design and promotion. But it didn’t stop there – the project was launched in partnership with a major Japanese media house, and culminated in a massive national conference in Tokyo where I actually had to present in Japanese in front of 1,500 people! I’d never been more scared in my life, but managed to get through it with the support of my colleagues.

What appeals to you most about working for Elsevier?

What I love is that my work here is never the same; I’m always learning something new, especially since I’m not a researcher with a scientific or technical background. This variability is one element which I find deeply fulfilling. I think the work environment is additionally welcoming and stimulating. Since I am also a working mum with two boys, the work-life balance is an important factor and Elsevier truly creates a supportive workplace to help me live my two lives.

Is there a motto or philosophy that sums up your approach to life?

Stay positive! It’s important to have a positive attitude because, when you think about it, you spend such a significant amount of your day and week at work, so you better enjoy it. Obviously every day can’t be fun, but keeping that perspective and being grateful is critical.

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